Renting a property with us



When you have found a property

We will need anyone aged 18 or over who will be living at the property to complete an application form and go through the referencing process.


Should a Guarantor be required, they will need to complete a separate application form and also go through the referencing process.


You will also need to pay the appropriate fees as detailed below but please note, these fees are NON-REFUNDABLE should tenants change their mind or fail the referencing process.


Fees (these can be paid by cash or bank transfer)

• TENANCY SET UP FEE (tenant’s share): £120.00 per property
• TENANT REFERENCING FEE (per Tenant): £90.00
• GUARANTOR REFERENCING FEE (if required): £60.00


Note 1: To pass our referencing you will need to earn 2.5 x the annual rent of the property either sole or jointly or if you require a guarantor then they will need to earn 3 x the annual rent of the property


Note 2: We will need the following supporting documentation for the referencing process as well as for the purposes of identification for anti-money laundering procedures and to establish a tenant’s right to rent:


• Copy of two months most recent bank statements
• Two forms of photographic I.D (passport and driving licence)
• Three months most recent payslips
• Proof of address (i.e. utility bill)


Once we have all of the above, we can start the referencing process for you. When the referencing process has been completed we will contact you to arrange a day to come in an sign the paperwork, collect the keys and start the tenancy.


On the day you move in

All Tenants and any Guarantors will need to read through and sign the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and any Guarantor Deed (guarantor only to sign) so it is usually best to allow at least an hour plus we will need the following:


• The first month’s rent in advance
• The deposit which is equivalent to one and a half month’s rent (protected by MyDeposits)
• If it has been agreed that you will be allowed to keep a pet or pets at the property, then we will require an additional £150.00 per pet - This is to cover the added risk of damage to the property and will be added to your deposit (protected by MyDeposits). At the end of the tenancy you will need to have the property professionally cleaned (including carpets which will also need to be treated to prevent/remove flea infestation).


Once we have the first month’s rent in advance, the deposit and a signed tenancy agreement we will be able to give you the keys for the property as well as the inventory (if the landlord has instructed for there to be one)


Insurance and your liability as a Tenant
As a Tenant is liable if anything belonging to the landlord is damaged during the tenancy, it is a good idea to ensure that your contents insurance covers you for Tenancy Liability and that cover starts on the day the tenancy starts. If you need assistance with this, Homelet who are the same company that will conduct the referencing process offer this type of insurance therefore please ask a member of staff on how you can get a quote or set up the insurance with them.

During your tenancy and at the end of your tenancy

There are instances where fees or charges will be applied, these are listed below:

• If you abandon the premises without giving the proper notice: £120.00
• If you leave the premises without returning the keys to us or if you should lose your keys and locks need to be replaced, there will be a charge of: £60.00 (plus contractor costs)
• If repairs are needed to the premises after you have vacated there will be an administration charge of: £120.00
• If you wish to break the tenancy and the Landlord agrees to release you early you will be responsible for the Landlord’s re-marketing fee which is currently £600.00 - It should not be assumed the Landlord will automatically release any Tenant early from their agreement.
• Returned/Bounced cheques or other payments: £30.00.
• If there is gas at the premises, an annual safety inspection needs to take place so that a Gas Safety Certificate can be issued. If an inspection is organised and it has been agreed that you will meet the contractor there is a charge if you do not keep the appointment: £60.00 (plus contractor costs)
• If we are trying to arrange the Gas Safety Inspection and you do not respond to telephone calls, emails or SMS’s, we will need to write to you to inform you that a contractor will be attending and using the management set of keys however this will incur the following charge: £10.00.
• If the rent does not show in our account on the day it is due we will make a call and/or send an SMS and/or email to remind you the rent is due on that day however we do request that rents are paid by standing order to avoid this happening.
• If the rent does not show in our account the day after it is due, we will make a call and/or send an SMS and/or email to advise you that the rent is now late and request an immediate payment. For each day thereafter that the rent does not show in our account we will need to make a call and/or send an SMS and/or email to advise you of this and request payment however this will incur the following daily charge until the rent is paid: £10.00
• For any arrears visit to you or the premises: £60.00 (plus legal charges)
• In the event that a member of staff is required to attend court or arbitration hearings in Gloucester there will be a charge of £120.00 per hour per member of staff required. Should the court or arbitration hearings not be in Gloucester, travelling expenses and reasonable disbursements (such as hotel accommodation) subject to a minimum charge of £240.00 per day per member of staff required.
• Where a dispute is raised and handled either by the ADR of a deposit company or the courts, there will be a will charge to the Tenant of £120.00 to prepare paperwork for this.
• Requests for re-reference or to agree to changes in the Tenancy (e.g. adding or removing a Tenant to or from the agreement): £30.00 (plus advertised reference costs).
• Removing and/or storing items left in the premises for a maximum of three months, after which the items will be disposed of: £120.00 (plus cost of removal and storage).
• EXTENDING THE TENANCY: If the Tenant requests to extend the tenancy at the end of the initial period, the cost of a new tenancy agreement and re-registering the deposit would be: £225.00
• CHECK-OUT COST AT END OF TENANCY: At the end of the Tenancy the Tenant will be liable to pay for the Check-out Procedure at the standard cost which will be £145.00, should the premises be left in a poor condition and need additional time to produce addition photographs/documentation then an additional charge may apply.


All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT



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